3 steps for every successful job application

12 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
3 steps for a successful application

Searching for a job can often be a stressful and time consuming process, registering with job boards, searching and applying for jobs and not getting a lot of feedback for your efforts. So we want to offer you some advice on where to put your focus to help you achieve a successful application.

In this article we take a look at the three key elements that will hugely enhance your chances of achieving that all important interview, so you can get in front of the decision maker and make your case as to why you are the perfect fit for the role!

Make sure your CV fits the role you’re applying for

We really can’t stress enough how your CV needs to fit the job you are applying for. We appreciate that this could mean you may need more than one CV during your job search. But being lazy and sticking to the one CV fits all method just won’t cut it when you are up against other candidates who are putting the effort into tailoring their CV for the job.

Remember, moving jobs is a big thing, so you just have to bite the bullet and commit time and effort to your job search and the job application process. The best way to make sure your CV fits the job you’re applying for is to carefully read through the job spec and make sure it matches the requirements, skills and experience that the employer is looking for. This way the person reading your application can cross reference your CV with the job spec and easily decide that you have the necessary requirements to do the job.

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Update your LinkedIn profile

Ah yes, LinkedIn! If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile then the first thing you should do is set one up. LinkedIn is pretty much the go to place for any employer or recruitment consultant when it comes to finding talent and cross referencing applications. It’s essentially an online CV as it includes your work history and education but also includes added extras such as recommendations and skill endorsements.

If you already have a LinkedIn profile then we suggest you make sure it is fully up to date before you start applying, so if an employer or recruitment consultant does take a look they will see that it mirrors what is on your CV.

We wrote an article about how to create a LinkedIn profile to help you get noticed. This article will help you to get your LinkedIn profile in shape.

Work with a recruitment agency

Yes I know this may seem a little bias, but working with a recruitment agency you trust is genuinely a huge benefit and can massively increase your chance of securing the perfect new role.

Having someone fighting your corner who fully understands what you are looking for in your next role can only be a good thing right? Plus agencies will have opportunities that aren’t always advertised and an understanding with hiring managers that if a candidate becomes available, that would fit their business, then they would like to speak with them.

We recently wrote an article which discussed why working with one agency during your job search can hugely benefit you

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