Construction Projects: A look at 2020

10 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
Construction Projects - A look at 2020

2020 is within touching distance, so we felt it was a good time to take a look at what 2020 has in store for the UK construction industry. Using data from Glenigan, the leading provider of construction data across the UK, we looked at how many projects are set to start in 2020 across all sectors.

To put a bit of context to the figures below, we only looked at projects that have been awarded contracts. We also took a look at 2020 vs 2019, but if you think the figures look weaker, there are a further 7,000 projects across the UK awaiting contracts to be awarded with a start date set for 2020.

2020 construction project stats

2019 construction project stats


As you can see from the stats above there are 2,334 contracts that have been awarded contracts across the UK and set to start in 2020. However, it’s key to keep in mind the further 7,000 projects, discussed above, that are awaiting contracts and projected to start in 2020.

Of course a number of these 7,000 further projects could be cancelled or shelved, but the figures are positive and we have no doubt that when we look back on 2020 there will be far more than 2,334 projects that have started, and more projects started than in 2019.

So overall we predict a good year for the UK construction industry!

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