5 management skills every employer loves to see

11 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
5 management skills every employer loves to see

There comes a time in most people’s career where, to progress they need to take the leap into a management position. This could be as small as managing one to two people or a team of 20, whatever the size there are key skills that most employers want to see and feel confident you possess before hiring you.

If you want to make this year the year you progress into a management position, then this article should help! After reading this article hopefully you will get a good insight into which skills employers are keen to see, based on insight from our recruitment consultants, so you know what to focus on when writing your CV and what to discuss during an interview.

So, let’s take a look at the top five desirable skills that will help you towards securing a management position…

Possess high empathy

The ability to understand and share the feelings of your team is such a powerful skill to possess as a manager. Having high empathy means you understand your team’s work at ground-level, which will help to build trust, respect and a happy working environment for all.

People follow you

If you have the ability to lead people, persuade people and inspire people then you really are set for success in a management position. Being able to do this will benefit you and the business you are looking to join. Firstly, you will be able to lead a team of people who trust you when making decisions, which will make it easier to build a team of people who are pulling in the same direction. Secondly, your team are more likely to stick around, which will reduce recruitment costs for the business, retain talent and help you to build strong relationships with your team.

Results driven

Employers want results, so they want to hire someone who is driven by results, it’s quite simple. So make sure that on your CV and during the interview you highlight this by discussing goals you were set and how you achieved them. Use metrics as they are often the most powerful way to illustrate the level of success you have achieved.

Learn fast

The world is changing all the time, from technology to social trends and everything in-between. Employers want to see someone who has the ability to adapt, so possessing the ability to learn fast, be flexible and adapt quickly are key skills to ensure you are always ahead of the game and not lagging behind. So make sure you have examples of times you have had to do this so you can share.

Past success

Arguably not a skill but the idea of bringing someone into the business who has achieved and been successful is desirable, as you will hopefully be able to pull on your past success and replicate it within their business. It also helps with getting your new team on side quickly, as they will look up to you as someone who can deliver, has a good track record and hopefully help them develop their own careers and become successful.

If you’ve been successful in the past then there is no reason you can’t be successful in the future. So make the most of your hard work and achievements to date and highlight them in your CV and during the interview.

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