How should you answer “Why are you looking to move job?” During your interview?

10 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
How should you answer “Why are you looking to move job?” During your interview?

Obviously you have your reasons for wanting to move jobs, but depending on what your reason is will determine how you will answer a simple question that is always asked in an interview… “Why are you looking to move job?”

It’s very easy to come across as negative with certain answers. So instead of giving you a long list of answers that work, in this article we have looked at the reasons that could come across negatively, so you can hopefully turn your negative reason for wanting to move jobs into a more positive and constructive answer.

You don’t like working for your current company

Pointing the finger at your current company and talking about all the reasons why you don’t like working for them will firstly look very negative, and secondly make the interview about them and not you. An interview is an opportunity for you to discuss your achievements and all of the great skills, experience and knowledge you posses, showing the interviewer why you will be great addition to their business. So make it about you and not your current employer.

You don’t like your boss at your current company

Similar to the first point you don’t want to make the interview about your manager, you want to make it about you and what you can offer. It’s really important to consider that if you mention that you don’t get on with your manager or you don’t like their management style, the interviewer could quickly think that you could be difficult to manage. Not a great look if you’re trying to impress.

You’re bored

You could well be bored, but don’t let the interviewer know that this is the core reason for you wanting to move jobs. Turn it into a positive and talk about how you are craving a new and bigger challenge. Show your passion and enthusiasm, not your negativity towards your current job and company.

You’re not paid enough

Wanting to earn more money is obviously completely normal, but, highlighting your money motivations just isn’t a good look. It could quite easily make the interviewer think that you are only moving for money and not interested in where you move to, just as long as your salary increases. It could also raise alarm bells that if you were offered the role then you may be persuaded to stay in your current role if the price was right, if and when you were counter offered.

Turn your money motivations into a more career development and progression focus, and as we all know, the further you go in your profession the more money you will earn.

Our advice

If the reason for you looking for a new job is any of the above, we suggest you consider your answer carefully before you are interviewed. Could you maybe discuss how you are looking to join a business that offers better progression and training opportunities to help you develop your career further. Or you want to join a business that can offer more exposure to bigger and better projects.

It’s really important that you do your research though. If your answer for “Why are you looking to move jobs?” is to do with more progression and development opportunities, then have you checked to see that this is something they can offer?

In summary, you don’t want the interviewer to think you are negative. They want someone who is positive, driven, ambitious and overall someone who will be able to easily integrate into their existing team and add value to the business.

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