Tips on video interviewing

about 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
Tips on video interviewing

We thought, given the current guidance on working from home when you can there is a higher possibility that you may require to do a video interview rather than a traditional face to face interview.

If you have never done one before it can feel slightly peculiar, however there are a number of things you can do to help put you at ease and get you ready. A video interview is almost exactly the same as a traditional face to face interview, the only difference being you’re obviously not in the same room. However, it’s just as important to prepare yourself. 

In this article we discuss tips that will help you prepare and get the best out of your video interview…

Prepare where you will be sitting

It’s important to pick a place where you won’t be interrupted, it’s quiet and your backdrop is simple. You want to make sure you are the focal point and not something in the background, so you have the interviewers full attention. Another important thing to consider is do you have a strong connection where you will be sitting? The last thing you want during your interview is for the connection to cut out.

Practice run 

If you have never done a video call on your laptop before we suggest you have a test run with a friend or family member. It will help put your mind at rest that you can firstly use the software and secondly you can test the sound. You want to try and avoid the “can you hear me?” situation at the beginning of your interview, it’s just not a good way to start.

Get your notes ready

Like any interview you need to do your research. So if you have a number of questions you want to ask or just some notes about the company you are interviewing for write them down and have them next to you during your interview. However, be mindful not to over use your notes, as you don’t want to be seen looking down at your note pad constantly during your interview.

Dress the part

Just because you’re not sitting opposite the person in the same room doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress professionally. Think smart casual and remember to dress head to toe!

Close other programmes

The last thing you want when you are trying to focus is a load of notifications coming through via email or social media. Close all other programmes and just have the video conference tool open, you can catch up with your emails and other things after… just focus on nailing the interview!

Body language

Be relaxed, not slumped and make sure you look at the camera not the screen for the majority of the interview. It’s the only way you can make virtual eye contact with the interviewer.

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