Job Title



London &

South East

West & East


Thames Valley &

South West

North of


Assistant Project


Permanent£25k-£40k per annum£25k-£40k per annum£25k-£40k per annum£25k-£35k per annum
Project ManagerPermanent£40k-£65k Per annum£40k-£65k per annum£40k-£65k per annum£35k-£55k per annum

Senior Project


Permanent£55k-£80k per annum£50k-£70k per annum£55k-£80k per annum£55k-£80k per annum

Associate Project


Permanent£65k-£85k per annum£60k-£80k per annum£65k-£85k per annum£55k-£80k per annum
Project DirectorPermanent£70k-£95k per annum£65k-£85k per annum£70k-£90k per annum£65k-85k per annum

Director of


Permanent£75k-£110k per annum£70k-£100k per annum£75k-£100k per annum£70k-£100k per annum

Project Management Consultancy Average Salaries

Project Managers working for consultancies are in high demand and have seen a healthy rise in salaries and packages offered by employers over the past year. On average Project Managers working for consultancies in London and the surrounding areas are experiencing the highest salaries offered. Project Managers working in the North of England are experiencing the lowest salaries offered. Project Managers across the Midlands and South West are experiencing similar salaries offered across most levels of seniority.

Project Management Consultancy Jobs

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