There are different recruitment solutions applicable to each particular job vacancy that you have. Many factors need to be taken into consideration including job seniority, specialist job knowledge, job responsibilities and the pool of potential candidates from which to choose.

We are able to offer one of five recruitment solutions:

Database Search

A search of our candidate database is the most effective method where a quick solution is sought for a permanent or freelance vacancy. Our database contains details on tens of thousands of white-collar professionals seeking new opportunities.

We invest heavily in the very latest technology and the training of our recruitment team, so we are able to make fast and accurate searches online, on our internal database and via other sources to identify candidates that match your exact needs.

Candidates that meet your specified criteria are contacted by one of our consultants and briefed on your job vacancy and your business. We only submit candidates to you if they are a great match to your needs and your culture, and if their background, current situation and experience checks out fully.

Freelance Solution

All the freelance candidates that we supply to you are limited company freelancers or work through an umbrella company solution. These companies all have valid insurance certificates, certificates of incorporation and you can be assured that we have conducted identity and reference checks, so you have peace of mind in the quality of service and supply.

We typically payroll the freelancers we supply, and we then invoice you based on the timesheets you sign off. We aim to fill all interim job vacancies within 24 hours of being notified. If you happen to have any direct hires, we will happily manage these direct candidates and payroll these limited companies taking away payroll and employer liability from you.

We will typically supply freelance solutions on assignments lasting for 3 to 24 month durations, although these vary depending on your needs. We will consider working on any contract duration; this is normally dependant on the circumstance and relationship that we have with you.

Retained Search

A most common solution, where the job vacancy is sensitive, or there will be a very limited number of candidates to select from, or you have had extreme difficulty sourcing a right fit. Many of the candidates approached may not be actively looking for alternative employment opportunities. 

We research a market, identify and compile a list of all suitable candidates. With your consent the targeted candidates are approached and you will be provided with a comprehensive report on each shortlisted applicant wanting to be considered for your job vacancy.

Our retained search team is supported by an experienced research team. This service requires a part payment in advance to commence the search, part payment once the interviews are arranged and final payment upon the successful start of the applicant.

Advertising Search

Advertisement campaigns are run in conjunction with a database search to ensure maximum research of the market. You are able to raise your profile via a comprehensive advertising campaign in which we will use all appropriate media available and agreed with you in advance. We discuss various print and web media options before providing an advertising proposal. We can manage the whole process or work with you to design/agree copy. 

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Within this solution there are three ways in which our dedicated managed services division can work with you and your business.

The first is a fully outsourced basis, in which you outsource all recruitment to us. Our Managed Service Division manages end-to-end recruitment solutions for some or all roles across your business.

The second is on a hybrid basis, where we partner with your in-house recruitment team to manage the roles they cannot fill themselves. This may be caused by "peaks" of recruitment demand, technical complexity of the roles, lack of geographical coverage or performance issues within the internal team.

The third option is on a project basis, where you engage Project Resource for a specific period of time to complete a start-to-finish recruitment project. The nature of the engagement is time bound and relates to a specific need, generally by the type of role and/or geography.

Our MSP team will allow you to focus on running your business whilst we take care of your staffing needs.

Are you interested in finding out more?

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