Karen Scott

Internal Recruiter

I began working in the recruitment industry in the mid 90's and gained experience in both contract and permanent recruitment solutions. It was in my first job that I met Derek and Bill our joint MDs. I joined Project Resource in January 2003, and joined because having known Derek and Bill I knew they shared many of my values and ideals. I knew if I worked hard to help the business grow I would eventually be able to reach my goal which was to be an Internal Recruiter for the company and help it grow by being instrumental in sourcing great people to join us.

As the company's first ever employee I had to be flexible in the work that I did and was asked to do. Initially my responsibilities ranged from resourcing and accounts to helping train Junior and Trainee Recruitment Consultants etc . My hard work, loyalty and flexibility paid off when I was rewarded with the job I had been working towards, when in early 2005 I focused on being the teams Internal Recruiter.

I love my role here, so much so that it does not feel like a job. I get immense enjoyment from talking to all the graduates and other potential employees on a daily basis. The biggest buzz has to be finding someone who is at the start of their career, spotting the potential, then watching them progress through the business. My biggest achievements have been finding many Trainee Recruitment Consultants new to the industry who are now senior members of the Project Resource team. Project Resource has also rewarded my dedication and results both financially and by allowing me to work flexible hours, primarily from home for the past 6 years.

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