We thought it would be useful to highlight exactly how our payment system works, as payments can vary from company to company.  

Firstly, please understand that we work with you, payment is a two way process and we cannot make payments without the correct information from you. Our goal is always to pay on time, but we can only do so when in receipt of the correct information.

Checklist for 1st payment on your assignment with us:
  • Do we have your bank details (all payments are made by BACS)?
  • Do we have a copy of your company registration certificate?
  • Do we (if relevant) have a copy of your VAT certificate?
  • Do we have a copy of your Photo ID?
  • Do we have any relevant insurance documents, as explained by your consultant?
  • Do we have your Opt Out Agreement?
  • Do we have your signed contract?
  • Have you signed up to self billing?
Entering Your Hours

We operate an online timesheet portal for you to submit your hours. You should receive your log in details no later than the Thursday of your first week worked. Every week you must enter your hours/days worked for your line manager to approve. View the step by step guide

Correct invoicing and Timesheet submittal:

Unless expressly agreed in writing from us, you will only be eligible for payment from us upon submission of both a completed invoice, calculated at the correct contractual rate and a timesheet authorised via the online portal.

We do operate a free self billing service, which once opted into will negate the need for you to send us a weekly invoice and thereby decrease the likelihood in delays in payment.

All timesheets must be:

  • Completed in full and correctly in line with the instructions on the timesheet
  • Completed by an authorised signatory of the client and all fields completed correctly

All invoices must include:

  • Your company details including registered name and address
  • The invoice number
  • The invoice date
  • The time period being claimed
  • Hours/days claimed
  • VAT subtotal where appropriate
  • VAT Registration number where appropriate

Post to:

Accounts Team

Project Resource Ltd

1st Floor Radcliffe House, Blenheim Court, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 2AA

Email to:

Online Portal on: (Followed by your log in details)

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that this information is sent to us, and that proof of sending is not proof of receipt, therefore if you wish to confirm receipt please call the accounts team on 0118 952 2244 or email

Payment Terms and Process

We operate 1 payment run per week.

The weekly cut-off date (the date by which your invoice and timesheet must be received and authorised for payment) is noon on a Tuesday, (or 5pm on a Tuesday in the case of a bank holiday).  Any timesheets and invoices that arrive after this time will roll over by 1 week to the next cut-off date, and then payment will be made on the next available date.

The payment runs are made every Wednesday by BACS for all relevant invoices, paid in line with the contract terms agreed on the “supplier project agreement

Payment is then typically received two banking days later. BACS clearing times are out of our control and therefore it is best to check with your individual bank as to their BACS clearing policy. 90% of payments clear in recipient accounts on a Friday, following the payment on a Wednesday.


Our Accounts Team are responsible solely for your payments. It is imperative that in all matters financial you deal directly with us, so we can help you efficiently and quickly. To avoid confusion or error we ask that you send all paperwork, timesheets and invoices directly to us here, using one of the contact methods above.

The recruitment consultant who you deal with on a day to day basis for your assignments will NOT be able to facilitate payments to you of any kind under any circumstances, and is not authorised to commit payment outside of your agreed payment terms. Nor should your consultant be used as a conduit for invoice or timesheet submittal.

Instead please deal directly with our accounts team. We are here to help you! Feel free to speak to us on 0118 952 2244 or email us at